Amazon Redesign – Final

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Pros and Cons


Mobile: Develop for HTML5 and run it like a “native” app.

Geolocation API: Can use the users location for tasks that require that, ex: a Facebook check-in

Adoptability: Built around industry standards. Over 650 million devices HTML5 ready out of the box (iOS)

VS. Flash: Runs better than Flash, up to 58% better in some cases.

Fancy: You can do really cool things like parallax scrolling. 



Development: Its a rather new standard, so will take a while to get robust, although it already is fairly stable.

Capabilities: Can’t render 3D content, and graphic extensive tasks very well.

Create: Not meant to create, meant to present.

Experience: Doesn’t have the years of dependence that flash at this time has.

Support: developer community is starting to develop, not as much as Flash had. Just a matter of time however.